September 2008

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Matt Damon on Sarah Palin

TweetRarely do we here this type of candor from actors on politics, minus the occasional Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen rant. They tend to be a bit out there sometimes, but I think Damon has his…

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The newspaper industry unfurled

TweetI admit. I haven’t worked in the industry for decades. I don’t concretely know what sells newspapers and what doesn’t. I know the direction the industry is going, and I know some strategies for luring…

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Increasingly annoyed by say-nothing blogs

Tweet You know what is increasingly raising my blood pressure? Surfing WordPress for some opinion writing, news or what have you, and finding blog posts that consist of one link and nothing else. Or, blog…

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Sarah Palin/Charles Gibson interview

TweetSince I have about 10 minutes for this right now, I’ll make some cursory comments on the recent Sarah Palin/Charles Gibson interview, then perhaps expand in a later post. First, Gibson started right out with…

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Mayor denigrates own constituency

TweetA recent story published in the Daily Journal/Daily Messenger, said that the Walhalla, S.C.’s mayor claimed an increased wave of illegal immigrants to the area were draining the city’s resources and putting a financial burden on…

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Briefly on MTV

TweetYou know, MTV can’t make up for 12 months of non-music with three hours one night out of the year (i.e. the VMA’s). MTV is no longer qualified to make judgments on music. That’s all.