October 2008

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Planet Starbucks and the like

I know it’s the brew of choice for bookish types and test crammers everywhere, but am I the only who thinks the regular blend of Starbucks is much too harsh on the ‘ol taste buds?…

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Where hair cuts fear to tread

Hair cuts have always been traumatic experiences in my life. From my dad getting a little too headstrong with the razor when I was a kid (that spot right behind the ears is really tender)…

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Greenspan’s shock, not a surprise

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan told angry lawmakers Thursday he was “shocked” to discover — as a once-in-a-century financial crisis spread — that his bedrock belief that financial firms could police themselves turned out…

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Obama and the bear

By far the most bizarre element of this election. It trumps the lipstick and pig thing, the Palin interviews with Couric and Gibson and that Barney Frank impression from Saturday Night Live: — Bear found…

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Palin’s new duds

This from someone claiming so adamantly that she and her family are part of the middle class (I suppose it depends on how you define the middle class, but regardless) … — Credit: The Dish…

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Palin and the VP pick

httpv:// Answering a third-grader’s question on a Colorado TV interview about the role of the vice president, Palin again repeated that the VP is “in charge” of the Senate, that “they can really get in…

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Comments on the presidential debate

First, let me say that just hearing the final presidential debate Wednesday was a challenge all by itself. My wife and I, at the time, were traveling between Allentown, Pa. and New York City (en…

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Ayers: Partially funded by Reps?

I’m not a fan of just posting a link and that being my great thought for the day, but this is telling:

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