January 2009

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Blagojevich impeached

“The causes of the impeachment are because I’ve done things to fight for families,” said Blagojevich, who was joined by some beneficiaries of his health programs during a news conference in Chicago. Blagojevich dismissed the…

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Some random things about me

1. I rarely wear jeans and would probably never where jeans lest they were given to me. If you gave me a pair of jeans as a gift, rest assured I DO wear them. I…

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Reviewing Obama’s first day on the job

After dancing until after midnight with wife, Michelle during an inaugural ball, Barack Obama arrived for work at 8:35 a.m. Wednesday and undertook these actions: Read a customary good luck note from former President George…

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Obama: ‘Hope over fear’

Watching the inauguration speech today, it seemed evident to me from Barack Obama’s tone and content that, while the speech included much of the inspirational verbiage we heard in Philadelphia’s Speech on Race and Denver’s…

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Top sports icons

I was listening to the Arnie Spanier show some tonight, and as he must have 75 percent of the three-hour show talking about it, he was seemingly fixated on the 10-year anniversary marking Michael Jordan’s…

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Another 2008 top 10 stories list

Columnist Kathleen Parker said it best: Summing up, let me just say that I reject, repudiate, renounce, denounce, dismiss and utterly regret 2008. Better late than never, I suppose. Having taken a few days break away…