October 2009

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Malkin spins hate speech petition

Today, in Michelle Malkin’s continued right-wing drivel, she alerted readers that “left-wing church leaders” want the FCC to “crack down on ‘hate speech’ over cable TV and right-leaning talk radio airwaves.” First, let me say…

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Ridin’ the Sporcle bandwagon

Ok, I admit it. I’m quite addicted to, a site of which you best bring your A-game. Here, you can play any number of games that will test your knowledge of geography, music, politics,…

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Boycotting FOX?

I was going to write about something else tonight, namely Andrew Sullivan’s piece on torture appearing in this month’s The Atlantic magazine. I previously read most of it on The Atlantic’s Web site, but I…

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Obama, the peace prize and country

Much has been said and written today about the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to President Barack Obama, from Michelle Malkin’s spastic, right-of-right, true-to-form fragmentary post on the subject, to the Huffington Post’s more rosey…

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CNN’s piece on NASA’s moon mission

Admittedly, I should be shunned and ridiculed for turning on Wolf Blitzer’s faux-news program on CNN today, but one segment about NASA’s new mission features this embarrassing, mocking and condescending piece: Embedded video from CNN…

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A word about Wordle

As a frequent browser of The Atlantic magazine’s Web site, today I happened across James Fallows’ blog. Fallows is a well-known, heralded writer and reporter for the print edition, and like most everyone else who takes…