February 2010

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Legislative idiocy

As I have stated previously, that some of our elected officials can manage to tie their shoes in the morning really is a miraculous thing. Rachel Maddow recently made light of a few examples. And…

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Talk radio echo chamber claptrap

If you haven’t heard of radio host Michael Savage, he’s another in the long line of neocon talking heads who wrap their heads in the American flag, while attempting to make readers tremble in their…

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Hot dogs on chopping block

If you’re looking for more nonsense from this politically correct, hyper sensitive, be-fearful-of-everything-from-what’s-on-TV-to-video-games era of child rearing in which we are living, look no further than the American Academy of Pediatrics‘s proposal to redesign the…

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Cheney eyeing ’12?

Sorry friends, loved ones and other readers: if the following happens, I’m taking the first bus and/or RAV4 to Toronto: CPAC Convention, Washington — Former Vice President Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance at the…

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Gold is the new d$llar bill, yo, says Rep. Pitts

Apparently on the good advice of our good friend, Glenn Beck, who’s pirate-eyed obsession with gold is bizarre to say the least — gold marketeers are about the only sponsors he has left, after all,…

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Our not-so-unique planet

I was just watching an episode of “The Universe,” a History Channel series in which the narrator asked: How common might Earth-like planets be in the universe? Even if only 1 percent of all stars…

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Bush billboard: ‘Miss me yet?’ World: ‘No’

According to this tongue-in-cheek billboard along Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minn., we apparently are supposed to be tired of the new Obama administration in preference to the former administration, which waged an illegal war and,…