July 2010

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5 things I don’t care about

Tweet Chelsea Clinton’s wedding Whatever poor schmuck she married (I’m betting it’ll last three years tops) The price of Chelsea’s dress However much Bill and Hillary spent on the ceremony The media’s coverage of it,…

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Immigrant deaths piling up

TweetIn a piece titled, “Arizona’s Real Immigration Problem: Migrant Deaths,” by Byran Curtis adds commentary to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s recently spewed line about how “immigrant crime, drug cartels, ‘bodies in the desert (Brewer’s quote)’…

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Top 20 immigrant cities

TweetThe Daily Beast today featured a photo slide show of the 20 U.S. cities with the most immigrants. The top five are: Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., metro area San Jose, Calif., metro area Los Angeles, Long…

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Prelim: cracking open the war docs

TweetAfghan War Diary I downloaded and unpacked the entire 90,000-plus reports recently released from WikiLeaks and will attempt to touch on some of them as I sift through the debris. Here is a snippet from…

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On new energy bill, ctd.

TweetThere goes the neighborhood … or eventually, possibly many, many neighborhoods. The U.S. Senate on Thursday gave up plans to try to pass an energy bill that would have been a start in the right…

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Re: The language of faith (Sullivan)

TweetThe Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan today asked what he considers some poignant questions for believers on the problem of finding ways to make the language of faith, particularly the Christian one, fresh for the modern mind….