July 2011

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Debt ceiling bill, ctd. What now?

As of Sunday evening, the White House and leaders of Congress have agreed upon a new deal that would raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government credit default. But, and that’s a big “but,”…

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Amid ballyhooing, debt bill passes, just to fail

Head over to The Atlantic’s website, where Joshua Green offers a pair of rich analyses of House Speaker John Boehner’s current predicament with the new Tea Party regime which betrayed its own party earlier this…

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CCC, meet Cru

Watch the latest video at I meant to mention this days ago, but it must have gotten lost in the cobwebs upstairs. Campus Crusade for Christ, which has held that name since 1951, is…

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Begging the question

I have often thought the following while reading various apologetic literature. Here is Dr. Jason Rosenhouse responding to Edward Foser’s defense of the cosmological argument: As for the cosmological argument itself, I make no apology…

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The possibility of possibilianism

In the above video, neuroscientist David Eagleman lays out a position he calls “possibilianism,” which is his term for an “active exploration” of the “giant space” of possibilities, rather than getting caught in the “false…

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Blogathon anyone?

Maybe one day I too will summon the mental and physical dexterity to pull this off. Basically, Jen McCreight at Blag Hag is currently in the middle of a 24-hour blogathon that began at 7…

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