September 2011

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GOP poll: Romney on top, Cain in third

If this new poll can be trusted — it does come to us from FOX News after all — Mitt Romney is in first place in the Republican primary race thus far, while Rick Perry is in…

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Video: ‘Death Is the Road To Awe’

Superb music video depicting scenes from the almost incomprehensible film, “The Fountain:” If you watch the full video, you will see that it’s somewhat related to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden….

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NYT on the GOP

In just one sentence, today’s New York Times editorial summarizes the Grand Old Party’s hypocritical vision for America that has somehow limped along for the past 30 years: It sometimes seems as if they (Republicans)…

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Our daily universe: Moon, troposphere

Amazing shot from the International Space Station: From NASA: Photographed by the Expedition 28 crew aboard the International Space Station, this image shows the moon, the Earth’s only natural satellite, at center with the limb…

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Our daily universe: UARS R.I.P.

After 20 years and 10 days in orbit, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), went down in a ball of glory this weekend, with no reports so far of injuries or damage. From Universe Today:…

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God sending folks to hell

This is a classic video that I couldn’t pass up. Here is a short clip in which the hosts of the show, The Atheist Experience, based out of Austin, Texas, of all places, presents the…

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Rick Perry and the vaccine issue

If, like me, you couldn’t muster the internal fortitude to watch the entire GOP presidential debate on Monday, one of the most divisive issues coming out of it was Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s executive order…