October 2011

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Our daily universe: ‘Follow the water’

Scientists looking for life (or at least earthlike life) have always obeyed a simple rule: follow the water. Biology is a wet process, after all — and generally the wetter the better. *** According to…

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Philosopher’s take on expectations

I would have liked to have the questions included, but here is an interesting set of responses from University of Cambridge philosopher Raymond Geuss, who expounds some of his positions about the expectations humans typically…

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‘The Federalist Papers’, early thoughts

As I noted earlier on this site, I recently finished a book titled, “Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution: 1787-1788″ by Pauline Maier, which is an invaluable resource for people interested in learning about the founding…

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OWS and the 99 percent

Wow. When you finally decide to get back to your own site after a 1 1/2 week layoff and can barely remember making the most recent post, you know something is rotten in Denmark. I’ve…

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Real inspiration

Religious folks talk a lot about spiritual inspiration. Well, how about inspiration, made possible by science, that brings a deaf woman to tears? The following is absolutely unmatched by anything I have felt spiritually and…

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Deer in the headlights

Here is one of the more peculiar surveys I’ve ever come across. This comes from State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. It counts the number of deer collisions nationwide. Apparently, West Virginia gets the prize for…

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