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The 0.01 percent

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The following video highlights the wealth distribution in the U.S. The top 0.01 of the income bracket is bringing in 5 percent of the total share of income in the nation at an average rate of $27.3 million, while the top 0.1 percent of taxpayers accounts for 5.3 of the income at a little more than $3.2 million on average. Of course, I don’t believe this graphic accounts for corporations. As you can see, once you get to the notorious Top 1 percent crowd that has been much criticized by folks identifying with the Occupy movement, the disparity drastically jumps. The actual 1 percent of income makers number about 1.5 million, while the next gradation leaps to 7.5 million units at an average pay of $211,000 per year and still far more than that of most Americans. As per the latest estimate, the U.S. has a population of 312,659,914 people. Add those percentages up, and you will find that the top 1 percent hold 20.9 of the wealth.

Written by Jeremy

November 24th, 2011 at 12:54 am

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