April 2012

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The many roles of Sam Jackson

I thought this was a brilliant look at Sam Jackson’s many movie roles, and how he is now his own genre. Here’s an interesting graphic. Notice that his character, Jules, from Pulp Fiction is in…

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NFL to cancel Pro Bowl?

Makes perfect since to me. NFL fans, by and large, don’t care about this game. I know I don’t. The players care even less, and that is clear from the body language and the effort…

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Romney’s big health care plan

Romney’s basic plan for health care: give tax breaks to people so they can purchase their own individual plans and try to entice businesses away from offering coverage to their employees. That’s a plan? First,…

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Lucky charms

I found it. The end of the rainbow, a double rainbow, in fact. Location: Tellico Lake, Tellico Village in Loudon, Tenn. I can report that there were no pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green…

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Tea Party: the Euro-version

Far right wing fringe candidates may be gaining influence in Europe, and that is good news for no one, except the crazies of course. It’s definitely bad news for poor people, women and immigrants ……

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God of the defenseless?

Every aborted child in heaven? That might get weird. Nonetheless, the main speaker here correctly says that if heaven is real, we are doing aborted fetuses a favor by saving them from the tragedies of…

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Krugman on Romney

In his most recent column, The New York Times’ Paul Krugman asks, “Just how stupid does Mitt Romney think we are.” At a recent campaign stop, Romney spoke at a shuttered factory in Ohio to…