April 2013

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Is God good?

TweetThis post stems from a conversation over at Bunch about biblical contradictions, particularly related to the creation story and man’s fall from grace in Genesis. For simplicity’s sake, I am mostly going to be speaking…

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She gets it

TweetOne of the most thoughtful objections to modern feminism and gender studies that you are likely to find, and intellectually, this towers above any arguments for feminism coming from Richard Carrier and his ilk, and…

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God outside time and space?

TweetBelievers often make the assertion, as I briefly alluded to in a recent post, that God exists in some realm outside of time and space, and because of this, he is not bound by the…

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Wutu wouldn’t resurrect Jesus, either

TweetBradley Bowen from over at The Secular Outpost raised a rather timely argument just before Easter about the likelihood that Jesus was raised from the dead. Obviously, the historical evidence for Jesus passing down parables…

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So, I have this theory

TweetI said recently that I will “probably” take a break from talking about Atheism Plus, but I hope readers will appreciate the hint of uncertainty inherent in the word. I must, at least for a post…

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Sex scandal and papal déjà vu

TweetIn what were Pope Francis’ first comments on the sexual abuse scandal since taking office, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has called for “decisive action” to be taken in delivering justice to any offending priests who might have engaged…