What context? Atheism has no context.

While PZ Myers is right about some people who mistakenly confuse the word “freethought” to mean

that you’re allowed to think whatever you want …

he continues to spew this nonsense that atheism has a context outside of a disbelief in god, although every dictionary and encyclopedia in print says something to the contrary, and this alternate definition of atheism — that it comes prepackaged with feminism and forms of social justice of all kinds — seems lost to everyone in the world except a few bloggers at Free Thought Blogs and their supporters. This context, it seems, is an invention that is relevant solely within FtB circles.

Why these folks seem so ready to abandon basic humanism, which really does cover every part of social justice that they — and I – support, escapes comprehension. Are they really that determined to defend Jen McCreight, the mastermind behind Atheism Plus, even if it means defending a redundancy to the very end? This seems to be the case.

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Jeremy Styron
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  1. They are using the strangest version of social justice I've come across, one that seems to be mostly about insulting people who disagree with them and attempting to damage the reputations of their critics.

  2. Debunking Stupidity ‏@idebunkforme raised a good point on Twitter: "How long until A+ are just the noisy, combative types that they railed against when forming?." – Seems to me they are already there.

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