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For Squirrels: What a shame

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I loved this band from back in the day. They were solid songwriters.

From Wikipedia:

The band’s original lineup consisted of vocalist (Jack) Vigliatura, bassist (Bill) White, guitarist Travis Tooke, and drummer Jay Russell. Explaining their name, the band had said that they were so committed to being in a band, they would play music “for squirrels.” The group played jangly alternative rock akin to R.E.M., one of their prime influences, with heavier moments alluding to the sound of grunge rock and Nirvana. …

On September 8, 1995, while returning from playing the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, the band was involved in the auto accident that killed Vigliatura, White, and Bender. Griego and Tooke suffered multiple injuries but survived the crash. The album was released as planned. The single “Mighty K.C.”, about the death of Kurt Cobain, was a minor hit and continued to drive album sales.

Here is my favorite For Squirrels song, “8:02 PM”

And my second favorite, “Disenchanted:”

So much potential lost. But it’s all in God’s good plan. Keep believing that.

Written by Jeremy

October 22nd, 2013 at 11:17 pm

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