April 2014

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Donald Sterling redux redux

Mike Pesca with Slate, while admitting that Donald Sterling is a “vile racist,” has erroneously argued that the L.A. Clippers owner shouldn’t be made to surrender his “property” for thoughts he made in private. In the article,…

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Donald Sterling redux

Kudos to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for handing down what may be the strongest sanction against an individual in the history of sports — a lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million penalty. Frankly, former…

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Top 50 alternative bands of all time: 30-39

Click here to see picks 40-50. 30. 311 — During a period in the early 1990s dominated by grunge and gritty distorted guitars pounding out teenage angst, 311 brought some diversity to the genre, fusing…

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Donald Sterling

An old white guy with (alleged) racist sentiments getting rich off the backs of black folks. What else is new? The full audio, which can be heard below, seems on the surface to be pretty…

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Notice anything missing?

The Pledge of Allegiance did not include “under God” before 1954, when the United States inserted the two words as a way to push back against the ideologies of communism and atheism during the Cold…

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Top 50 alternative bands of all time: 40-50

These days, alternative music as a genre doesn’t have quite the same force as it once did. Most midsize towns that used to have dedicated alternative rock radio stations, where one could readily hear the…

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Yes, proselytizing

Philosopher Peter Boghossian, in response to some preliminary thoughts I made on his book and about evangelical atheism in general, asked me how I define “proselytize.” I don’t understand this question at all. Unlike some…