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As you can see, I have made some rather drastic changes to the look and feel of this blog.

After about seven years — seven years! — of more or less the same look to the site, I thought this would be a good time for an overhaul, and this decision was, admittedly, quickened by the fact that my previous theme was apparently causing some explained problems by which I could no longer access the administration area of the site. As I looked into this issue further, I learned that my old WordPress theme, the aptly named “Journalist” — since I happen to be one by day — was heavily modified by myself on this blog, was not even available anymore.

Thus, I had to scrap most of the old design. In doing away with the large banner across the top and going with virtually no banner at all, a marvel concept I know, I attempted to go with a less is more approach, and I really liked this elegant theme and subsequently tweaked it a bit to fit my particular needs.

One of the main differences in this theme is that it supplies room for a “featured image” for each post, which are thumbnail images that somehow related to the post topic. With my previous theme, which I literally used for years and years, I had no need to use WordPress’ “featured image” option. As such, I will try to add as many “featured” images as I can to older posts from earlier this year, but in general, postings beyond a few weeks will not utilize this feature.

People manually going back through the archives using the page links at the bottom of the site might find some blank spaces as they scroll the list of posts, but other than that minor issue, websites on Google are usually indexed by each individual posts, so readers who access this site from there or any other search engine will see the original posts as they were intended.

If you have any thoughts good or bad on the new design, feel free tweet @ourdailytrain.

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Jeremy Styron
Jeremy Styron
I am a newspaper editor, op-ed columnist and reporter working in the greater Knoxville area. This is a personal blog. Views expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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