election 2012

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America’s religious shift

As it turns out, Barack Obama seems to have won the election, in part, by garnering support from evangelical Christian voters in key states like Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan‘s home…

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The Romney blame game

Mitt Romney seems to be resolute in his delusion about the election and why he really lost. This week during a conference call with some big-money supporters, he threw plenty of blame around, most of it…

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The ‘feeble conservatives’

“When radicals scream that victory is indubitably theirs, sensible conservatives knock them on the nose. It is only very feeble conservatives who take such words as true and run round crying for the last sacraments.”…

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Americans for treason

Via Twitter: @jeffersonobama here’s a map of the states w/ WH petitions to secede. Mostly the usual suspects in the old Confederacy.… — Thomas Lavin (@TomLavinNH) November 12, 2012   Interestingly but not surprisingly,…

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Romney’s great delusion

I’m with Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wonders how Romney or anyone in his campaign could have possibly been “shellshocked” by the loss on Election Day: I generally thought that the actual Republican numbers people, and certainly…

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Four more years

If Democrats had doubts about the outcome of the presidential race before Election Day or if the Republicans held any optimism that it would go in their man’s favor, both were about as deluded as…

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Niall Ferguson’s recent column

So, apparently, even tenured Harvard instructors cannot escape the allure of partisanism, as “historian” Niall Ferguson has mightily thrown his weight against the Obama camp and in favor of the GOP ticket. So much for…

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GOP convention: 1600 edition

From The Borowitz Report: Republicans Move Convention to Seventeenth Century TAMPA (The Borowitz Report)—With the threat of Hurricane Isaac hitting Florida next week, the Republican National Committee took the extraordinary step today of moving their…

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