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Sex scandal and papal déjà vu

In what were Pope Francis’ first comments on the sexual abuse scandal since taking office, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has called for “decisive action” to be taken in delivering justice to any offending priests who might have engaged…

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Why, God? Why indeed

In this column posted by New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd, the Rev. Kevin O’Neil asks some tough questions in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings: How does one celebrate Christmas with the fresh memory of 20 children and…

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The Romney blame game

Mitt Romney seems to be resolute in his delusion about the election and why he really lost. This week during a conference call with some big-money supporters, he threw plenty of blame around, most of it…

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Dowd on Paul Ryan

For one of the more acerbic looks vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, look no further than Maureen Dowd: Here’s a snippet: … The Young Gun and former prom king is a fan of deer hunting,…

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All for political gain

Here is a good Krugman piece about the real motives behind New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie axing the Hudson River Tunnel Project. All for political expediency, apparently. It is also brings to light, yet again,…

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The 0.01 percent, ctd.

I hinted at this in my last post, and The New York Times’ Paul Krugman made note of it in his recent column, that the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the 99 percenters are actually…