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Palin ‘unleashed’

Unlike some progressive commentators, I think Sarah Palin was far from drunk in this video response to a speech by Elizabeth Warren that is available on her website. Apparently, it is completely unedited. Although the…

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One less headcase in the asylum

Hell, I think Republicans should be gleeful that Glenn Beck has decided to leave the Republican Party, but this shift in the GOP should have happened the other way around. Now that members of the Republican…

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What happened to Sarah Palin?

I’m sure you are probably ready with the easy answer: Nothing has changed. She has been giving half-cocked, barely coherent speeches for years, and this year, just a few days removed from the grand oratorical…

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Life on the fringe

For at least five years, ever since the Tea Party’s primordial stew was being swirled and mixing into something resembling a coherent platform, I have been highlighting the various ideological inconsistencies with this movement’s noxious…

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The Grand Old Tea Party

Here is Grover Norquist speaking in a Los Angeles Times article about the Tea Party: Once there were Republicans who voted for tax increases, but they aren’t here any more.… The Republican Party has largely…

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MSNBC host steps in it

It’s one thing to blast Sarah Palin for her “rank ignorance,” callousness and flimsy grasp at history. Quite another to suggest that someone should shit in her mouth two girls, one cup style. This is…

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Why cover the crazy?

Agreeing with some advice Jonathan Chait offered about political discourse and argumentation, Ta-Nehisi Coates said political commentators — I think he would probably extend this to all opinion writers — should increasingly take on intellectual…